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Yeyin Cold Spring

Sunday: 00:00 – 23:59



Yeyin Cold Spring creation was by the nearby underground river which breaks out here to form a cold spring. The surrounding reefs retain the cold spring and form a natural gradient pool. With the continuous inflow of fresh water, even though the reefs are quite close to the sea, patches of green grass grow on them. With this sight in the background, the coast, sky, and distant mountains together make a picturesque scenery.

It is not so much affected by the coastal wind and waves here, so tropical fish, crabs, eels, and even sea snakes are often seen in the water, making the spring a natural ecological classroom. Although sea snakes are gentle creatures that will not easily attack people, they are still poisonous. If you get a chance to meet them, just back away slowly.

The path to the cold spring is not a difficult walk. But the reefs around the cold spring can be sharp, and there may be slippery moss, so be sure to wear non-slip sports shoes or rubber boots to prevent falling and getting injured. When visiting, remember to take care of the environment. Do not attempt to capture wildlife. In addition, if you want to avoid crowds, visit in the early morning or evening so you can better enjoy the tranquility here.



  • Observation Deck