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Rulakes Suspension Bridge

Saturday: 00:00 – 23:59



Rulakes Suspension Bridge is located in Liqiu Village, Jinfeng Township, Taitung County. It spans across both sides of the Jinlun River and is an essential bridge that connects Jinfen Township and Taimali Township.

Originally built in 1955, the suspension bridge withstood the time for over half a century. But the bridge was destroyed by Typhoon Morakot in 2009. Comprised of both Paiwan and Rukai tribes, the Liqiu villagers came together and joint efforts with various government agencies to rebuild the Rulakes Suspension Bridge. The newly designed Rulakes Suspension Bridge debuted in 2017 with its original design and modern look; and reclaimed its role as the major access road in and out of Liqiu Village.

Liqiu abounds in golden millet. Near the Rulakes Suspension Bridge, the Millet School is the place to go to learn about the different varieties of millets as well as the tribal culture for both Paiwan and Rukai tribes. You can also purchase many different millet products here for yourself or as souvenirs for friends. You can also participate in many different DIY activities. For details, please refer to the Millet School’s official Facebook fan page.

Take advantage of the weekend and come visit Jinfeng Township with your family and friends! You can check out the Rulakes Suspension Bridge and also go experience the traditional millet culture at the Millet School!