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TaitungTravel App

The most up-to-date APP for traveling in Taitung

Across Taitung’s beautiful seaside and mountainous terrain, indigenous cultures and traditions are preserved. Along with the rise of local music, art and culture, the cultural landscape of Taitung is becoming richer and more diverse. It is a slow-paced city worth visiting boasting both cultural and natural wonders.

Travel Taitung is an official travel APP that offers a wide range of information including transportation, themed itineraries, restaurants, accommodation, and attractions. It is your trustworthy local guide to make your stay in Taitung as convenient as possible.

App download
App download
  • App-intro-Abundant food, accommodation and leisure activity recommendations

    Abundant food, accommodation and leisure activity recommendations

    The APP has comprehensive information on attractions, local delicacies, and licensed hotels. It also shows up-to-date visitor reviews via TripAdvisor which allows users to easily explore Taitung and have fun.

  • In-depth themed travel tours

    In-depth themed travel tours

    Taitung has plenty to offer. Mountains, sea, offshore islands, cycling, hiking, surfing, whale watching, tribal tourism, you name it. All the travel information and recommendations are in the APP. Start using the APP to enjoy Taitung’s cozy slow-paced ambiance and natural beauty.

  • App-intro-Abundant food, accommodation and leisure activity recommendations

    Transportation information

    Here is comprehensive information on public transportation in Taitung and transportation to offshore islands.