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  • Elmolita

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Good Impeccable Retreat 台东休閒的第一选择

    Traveler rating:5 2018-02

    Coming to Taitung for the first time, I was drawn to the beautiful Lisong wild thermal pool for this trip. As it was winter time, there was hard time trying to get outdoor groups to go to because of the cold weather. Siama folks had been kind to make this special package tour for me even though I was the only one. Background: Siama is a small town in the Taitung Haiduan County, this is also the main base for the Bunong Aboriginal groups. The nearest station to get here is Chishang or Guanshan. The moment you step into the region, its like all the city hustle and bustle are all gone. Time came to a stop! Fresh air, high mountains, nature is everywhere. That itself is already a bonus. Siama Minsu ( or Siama Bed and Breakfast) is a simple home ran inn by a family, they also run package tours to Lisong thermal pool, Wulu Springs and other attractions around the region. The Inn: Do not expect some luxury hotel setting here, but it is a comfortable home run establishment with a lot of sincerity and care towards their customers. From the check in to the check out, I felt a good homely experience and was really well taken care of. The rooms are simple but functional, best is the hot water baths which I badly need for cold winters. The onsen was a plus point, really luxury enjoyment to bath in the cold weather. I got a hot personal tub to myself. There were also hair dryers and shampoo , bath foam were provided. The bed was comfy and really great to have a big blanket to cover up for the night. They also provide clean towels and drinking water ( hot and cold) for you. Food: I took their Lisong 2D1N package tour, and originally I thought only two meals were catered for but turns out, I was fed all the way with small snacks and coffee. The best was the outdoor cooking at Lisong itself, really an experience you cannot buy anywhere else. ( see photos) The cookies and bread were all made by the inn taker, and it was delicious, being a small eater I really wished I had more space to gulp up the food! Trip to Lisong: Early in the morning after breakfast, we set off to the entrance of Lisong Spring, which is another good 30-40min ride from the Inn. I will say if it is winter time it is best to join a group or get a guide there as the road is not easy to manoeuvre yourself. Once you reach the entrance of the cabbage farm, that is just the beginning to go down to the spring. The trail down is full of nature and actually it is quite well structured with ropes and poles installed. But you do need some amount of regular exercise, although you will eventually get down. The most challenging part is the river crossing part to the springs. Thank god for the guide from Siama Minsu, we got there in the least time and had the hot spring all to ourselves before people start to crowd in. The springs are amazing. It is really worth all the while and the time. ( see photos) Overall: Reasonable price, good and homely service, friendly and helpful staff and guide. This is the best choice to go to in Taitung! 我第一次來到台東,下马温泉民宿也是首次到。它位于南横贯公路上非常容易到。风景怡人,空气新鲜,远离尘嚣。非常难得的好地方。 简介: 下馬是台東海端縣的一個小鎮,這也是布農族土著群體的主要基地。最近的火車站是关山或池上。你踏進這個地區的那一刻,就像所有的城市喧囂都消失了。清新的空氣,高山,自然無處不在。下馬民宿是一個舒适家庭經營的民宿,我第一次來到台東,下马温泉民宿也是首次到。它位于南横贯公路上非常容易到。风景怡人,空气新鲜,远离尘嚣。非常难得的好地方。他們也包办旅游团到栗松溫泉以及周邊地區的其他景點。 客棧: 简单舒适的民宿给游客一个很好的歇脚环境,民宿的一家人也很真誠和關心你的饮食起居。從入住到退房,我感受到了一種親切的體驗,真的很好的照顧。房間很温馨,最好的熱水供应让你洗个好澡。溫泉泡汤,在寒冷的天氣是真正的奢侈享受。我有一個私人大浴缸泡澡。還有吹風機和洗髮水和沐浴露提供。床很舒服,真的很棒,有一個大毯子保暖過夜。他們還為您提供乾淨的毛巾和飲用水(冷熱水)。 餐飲: 我參加了他們的栗松 2D1N旅行,原本我以為只有兩供应的,但是早餐和晚餐都很丰富,再加上餅乾和小麵包,太棒了。这些美食都都是由民宿自己烘培制作的,无添加物。 栗松旅遊 一大早,早餐後,我們開始到栗松溫泉入口,從下马乘坐30-40分鐘的车。一旦你到達白菜農場的入口處,這只是開始下降到栗松之路。小徑充滿了大自然,實際上它是安裝好的繩索和桿子。最具挑戰性的部分是过急流必须小心过而且很冷(冬天)。导游说夏天必较清爽但水位较高有时不能穿过。 栗松温泉真的很漂亮,温泉也很热,是难得的野溪温泉! 總體评价: 合理的價格,良好和親切的服務,友好和樂於助人的員工和指導。下马温泉民宿是去台東的最佳選擇!
  • chapterlin

    타이페이, 타이완

    Traveler type:

    친구 동반 여행


    Traveler rating:4 2017-02

    經過2天1夜疲憊的野溪溫泉行程後,來到下馬溫泉民宿,和朋友入住通舖房,這裡有寬敞的個人浴室可以洗去灰塵,也有洗手抬可以清理沾滿泥巴的露營或登山裝備。 晚餐享用合菜,2個晚上有不同菜色,新鮮娃娃菜、很有風味的梅干扣肉,都非常美味可口;早餐每人一份中式4碟肉鬆/醬菜/炒蛋配稀飯、或西式三明治也令人印象非常深刻,適合團體一同出遊。

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