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Wulu Gorge



Wulu Gorge is located between Wulu and Lidao of Haiduan Township, Taitung County. It is an S-shaped canyon cut by the Wulu River (also known as Xinwulu River). The total length is about 9 kilometers at a height of more than 1,000 meters. The distance between the two ends is about 4 kilometers. Due to the formation of a cliff here by Guanshan Peaks of the Central Mountain Range, and the long-term erosion of Wulu River, Wulu Gorge is steep and majestic.

In addition to cutting out the magnificent Wulu Gorge, Wulu River also creates alkaline carbonated springs coming out from the crevices of rocks which become open-air hot springs, such as Caixia Hot Spring under Caixia Tunnel, Lulu Hot Spring in the middle reaches of the Dalun Stream, Bishan Hot Spring under Wulu Bridge, and Lisong Hot Spring.

Under the washing of the hot springs over the years, the cliffs are covered by yellow, brown, black, and dark green minerals from the spring water. Traces left by the water flow on the rocks become like a traditional shanshui painting. This is the natural wonder of the Wulu Gorge.



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