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Lidao Tribe



Lidao Tribal Village is the community of the highest altitude in Haiduan Township. It is also one of the larger Bunun tribes in the eastern section of the South Cross-Island Highway. Located at the 175.5-km marker on Provincial Highway 20 and at an altitude of more than a thousand meters, it is an important rest stop on the South Cross-Island Highway.

The origin of the name comes from "Litu" in the Bunun language, which refers to the sticky local wild loquat. Most of the residents here are Bunun. The tribe is located on the flat river terrace, surrounded by mountains. The terrain is suitable for living and farming. Surrounded by mountains and with beautiful scenery, this place is like a serene Utopia. The cool and fresh air at high altitude also makes it the perfect place to cool off in the summer heat.



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