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Guanshan Police Historical Museum

Calling on the PoliceCalling on the Police

Guanshan Police Historical Museum is located within the Guanshan Police Precinct. It used to be the office of the Japanese Police Station. Now, it is the repository of historical police artifacts, literature and other historical relics, including police uniforms, instruments of torture, communication and security devices, desks, bookshelves, stationery and antique telephones. There is even an old air raid siren that the public can try their hands at. It is an extraordinary experience not to be missed!

To this day, Guanshan Police Historical Museum still retains the structure of a traditional Japanese wooden architecture. Immerse yourself in the rich historical ambience as you walk along the corridors and get whisked back in time to the nostalgic 1940s.  

Once you’re done with the historical police artifacts, you may wish to visit the elegantly appointed courtyard to admire the beautiful pond landscaping. Enjoy a cup of tea as you immerse yourself in the cordial atmosphere quite different from the solemn vibe that the police precinct usually gives off.

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