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Taitung Railway Art Village

Taitung Railway Art Village

Platform integrating history, art and leisurePlatform integrating history, art and leisure

After the South Link Line was open to vehicular traffic, the volume of freight and passengers was too large more than what Taitung old station could handle. Thus it was faced with the fate of abolishment as the new station was under construction. In order to preserve the significantly meaningful old railway over the past 80 years, Taitung Railway Art Village is thus established to keep memories of railway culture. This art village maintains the original appearance of the railway bureau at that time, having the nation’s only triangle turnaround loop and Kuanghua Express. In the porch, there are modern installation artistic works and old-fashioned railroad reflecting each other. Rail enthusiasts and photography lovers shall never miss here.

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No.369,Tiehua Rd.,Taitung City,Taitung County Basic data GIS Coordinate



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