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Paposogan(Seashore Park)

Paposogan(Seashore Park)

Let the world see TaitungLet the world see Taitung

Erected in Taitung Seaside Park, the Paposogan(Seashore Park) integrates landscape and public art, marking Taitung’s unique culture, history and natural scenery. Its special rattan roof shape is very impressive. Quietly standing on the coast, the Paposogan(Seashore Park) greets the first light of the morning in the daytime. At night, its yellow light shines, as if looking forward to the vision of the world.

Lighting Information:
Winter (Oct. 1-Apr. 30): 17:30 - 22:00
Summer (May 1 to Sep. 30): 18:00 - 22:00
Christmas Eve (Dec. 24) to Dec. 30: lighting until 00:00
Dec. 31: lighting until 01:00
Jan. 1 to Lantern Festival (Lunar calendar January 15): lighting until 00:00

Scenery of Seashore Park

Scenery of Seashore Park

A county-administered city, Taitung was previously called Baosang Village, derived from the Amis language "Paposogan", meaning "in the direction of the hill". Once resided by Puyuma and Amis people, the place has a paradisal natural environment and rich content of pre-historical relics.

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