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Bunun Cultural Museum

Bunun Cultural Museum

An Exploration to Indigenous HistoryAn Exploration to Indigenous History

Visitors to Haiduan could start from the Bunun Cultural Museum/Southern Cross-Island Highway Tourist Center located by the east entrance of South Cross Highway. Opened in 2002,the museum is filled with the aboriginal mood and displays waxen statues of Bunun tribesmen,embossment works and wood carvings. The first floor of museum has been converted into a Southern Cross-Island Highway Tourist Center,and the second floor is Bunun Story House where traditional Bunun cultural and historical exhibitions are displayed. Numerous old photos are hung along the corridor,reminiscence of the history. Outside the museum is a performance area,an important domain for Bunun tribal and cultural events.

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No. 56,Neighborhood 2,Haiduan Village, Haiduan Township,Taitung County Basic data GIS Coordinate



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