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Religious festivals

Local cultural energy
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Lantern festival activities are held all over Taiwan in February every year. Taitung’s famous Lantern Festival Blessing Procession and lantern viewing are suitable for all the family; Bombing Lord Han Dan has fireworks flying in all directions and safety precautions need to be taken by anyone who watches this event up close.

Taiwan is a place of religious diversity, where traditional beliefs and religions introduced from overseas exist side by side. Taiwan’s main traditional religions are Buddhism, Daoism and folk belief. There are some purely Buddhist temples but most temples have a Daoist flavor.

Lantern Festival Bombing Lord Handan(with Firecrackers)

In coordination with traditional folk culture events, creative art and cultural activities highlight the common people's spirit and cultural value of Tatung’s Lantern Festival activities.Taitung’s annual Lantern Festival Blessing Procession is a historic local cultural event in which private groups and temples take part. The route takes in downtown Taitung, passing Taitung City Office, along Nanjing Road, past Baoding Art and Cultural Center and through Waterfront Park, pilgrims praying to the gods to give good weather and keep the people safe.

Taitung County Government-Religion and Folk Customs Section


Lantern Festival Bombing Lord Handan(with Firecrackers) Lantern Festival Bombing Lord Handan(with Firecrackers)

Sailfish Festival

Out of respect for the ocean, the Han Chinese and aborigines of Chenggong, a town that depends on fishing, hold a series of sailfish-themed activities at the height of the sailfish season in October and November.

Temple manager Qiu Xia leads pilgrims around the sailfish god, while reciting the legend of the sailfish god,also blessing all the people who come to ask the god for protection, putting their minds at ease.

Location:Wan Shan Ye Temple next to Xingang Fishing Harbour, Chenggong.

Sailfish Festival Sailfish Festival

Yuqing Temple

Next to the railway station, this is the main Daoist belief center in Chishang. The most lively ceremonies of the year are the birthday of the Lord of Heaven on the ninth day of the first lunar month, the birthday of the Lord Emperor on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month and the Lantern Festival Blessing Procession.

No.20, Wenhua Rd.,Fuwen Vil., Chishang Township, Taitung County


Chengguangao Matsu Temple

Chenguangao is the largest natural harbor on the east coast and the place where the first Han settlers in Taitung landed; the temple is the oldest Mazu temple in Taitung. The local fishing folk depend on the sea for their living so traditionally mainly worship the goddess Mazu. The temple was built in 1871 and rebuilt in 1949;when it was rebuilt local aborigines were asked to paint the bucket arches on the pillars, the first time aborigines had taken part in the decoration of a temple in Taiwan and showing the all-embracing nature of Taiwanese culture.

No.33, Chengguang Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County

Opening times:6:00~9:30


Chengguangao Matsu Temple Chengguangao Matsu Temple

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