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Touring by bicycle
Bicycle Trail
The best time to visit :

Taitung is suitable for cycling all year-round and offers different natural and cultural scenery season to season.

Climate :

Located in the tropical zone, Taitung doesn’t have large temperature differences in the different seasons;in summer, temperatures of over 35 C can be experienced so be sure to take precautions against the sun and heat;in winter Taitung offers the gentle warm winter sun.

Cycling around Taiwan is the dream that many people have in thei youth but, like many ideals and things we are passionate about, they get pushed aside by the more important things in life. The film Island Etude tells the story of a hearing impaired soon-to-be university graduate Ming Xiang who takes leave from his school and sets off on a seven day, six night cycle trip around Taiwan; on his journey he meets various people and has different experiences, learning more about Taiwan and life on the way. Many cyclists dream of starting their trip at Taimali on the east coast after watching the first sun rays of the day in Taiwan and then finishing the trip watching the sunset on the west coast. A line in the film “There are some things that you will never do if you don’t do them now” has inspired many people to fulfill their dream of cycling around Taiwan.

Bicycles accompany us at different stages in our lives; we wrap our arms around our mother or father’s waist when we ride on the back of their bike when we are children ; when we are at school we make it through the gate just as the last ring of the bell to herald the start of the school day sounds; we rest our hands on our friend’s back as we hitch a ride on the back of their bike, we put our arms tightly around our lover’s waist or they put their arms around us as we ride along. Bicycles quietly accompanied many of us through the early part of our lives. By the way, how long is it since you rode a bike?

Taitung County is called the “place that likes sports the most” and “the “place with the best sports environment” and has spared no effort in planning a variety of cycling paths that take in the blue ocean and lush green mountain scenery; the honest and uncomplicated people and the friendly shopkeepers who will keep you supplied along your journey await everyone who sets out to achieve their dream.

Ever journey is made up of different stories. Keep your feet on the ground, put your feet on the pedals and write your own real small but moving cycling story!

Luxurious enjoyment of mountain and ocean

The azure ocean and the emerald mountains are a kind of luxurious enjoyment for the people of the north and west of Taiwan, however they are an everyday thing in Taitung. Guanshan Cycle Path is one of the best in Taiwan and is free from the noise and danger of vehicles traffic; Longtian, Chishang, Taitung City all have their own cycle path that present an abundance of natural and simple countryside scenes and make riding on them like riding through a cyclists’ paradise.

Encountering a golden scarecrow on Chishang’s Brown Avenue, seeming to hear Ara Kimbo’s loud and clear voice coming from Taimali’s Sunrise Park urging you on; the dreamlike coastal highway catching the wind of the ocean; meeting the dream-making stranger; everyone has their own way of fulfilling their dream. “There are some things that you will never do if you don’t do them now.”Are you ready for the next stage of the journey

Luxurious enjoyment of mountain and ocean Luxurious enjoyment of mountain and ocean

Leisurely ride along a bicycle path

The fields of the rift valley are flat lush green or golden paddy fields and rape fields nurtured by the warm days of the Taitung winter, giving them a checkers board look, As you ride you will pass tree-shaded trails, rivers as well as forested mountains like emeralds.

Chishang Bicycle Trail

11.5 kilometers long, starting at Dapochi, going through the Green Tunnel, Dashuiche, along Jinxin 2nd Road to Qingjin Road

Guanshan Town Encircling Bicycle Trail

12 kilometers long, the cycle path circles Guanshan Township, starting from Guanshan Water Park, passing the railway station, Guanshan Township, the viewing pavilion and the mahogany tree area.

Luye Longtian Bicycle Trail

7.3 kilometers long, it starts at Luye and passes Longtian Elementary School, Kunci Temple, the Loquat plantation, pineapple plantation,and ends at Luye Gautai Tea Plantations.

Taitung Mountain/Ocean Bicycle Trail

This is 21 kilometers long, starting off at the old Taitung Railway Station, passing the Taitung Historical Rail , Taitung Sugar Refinery,Beinan Dam, Taitung Dike, Pipa Lake,The Sea Shore Park,Lusi Lake and Railway Artist Village.

Leisurely ride along a bicycle path Leisurely ride along a bicycle path

International Triathlon

The unspoiled environment and traffic- free roads of Taitung make it a good place for triathletes to train and it is hoped it will be the cradle for future Asia and Olympic Games triathletes.

The Taitung International Triathlon is held every year at Taitung Forest Park in which athletes from Taiwan and overseas test their physical limits and attain self-actualization. The 1.5 kilometer swim, 40 kilometers bike ride and 10 kilometre run that must be completed in under three hours and forty minutes is a test of strength, speed and stamina.

There are two categories the full triathlon and the half. Everyone is welcome to test their limits!

International Triathlon International Triathlon

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