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The beauty of art and culture

Cultural treasure trove
Cultural treasure trove
The best time to visit :

The slow pace of life can be enjoyed in Taitung all year round. There are art and cultural performances every week and a weekend slow market.

Climate :

Tropical Taitung’s temperatures don’t change substantially in the different seasons; you can sit on the grass enjoying a picnic in summer and choose an indoor and outdoor art exhibition space to enjoy the gentle winter sunshine.

Opening times :

There are different opening times and ticket prices for each art and cultural event. First check time in advance to help you plan your trip.

official website:

Taitung County Government Bureau of Cultural Affair

Taitung’s old name was “Douzang,” meaning “the place where the Puyuma and Amis live. In the Qing Dynasty, Han settlers from Fujian in China and Pingpu plains aborigines moved to the area, and Fujianese from Fangliao began to trade with the aborigines, leading to the development of the first Han settlement in Taitung. Douzang was the meeting point of art and culture from all around Taiwan; in bountiful and beautiful Taitung it was preserved, merged peacefully and developed independently, giving Taitung a pronounced cultural air today.

Tiehua Music Village

Tiehua Music Village is the place to enjoy a romantic evening of music. Listen to local singers with enchanting voices and unaffected style and browse through an art creativity market; you are invited you to appreciate the most beautiful sounds of Taiwan with the simplest life attitude.

Opening times:14:00~22:00 Tuesday to Sunday

No.26, Ln. 135, Sinsheng Rd., Taitung City +886-89-343393

Tiehua Music Village Tiehua Music Village

Taitung Railway Art Village

Old Taitung Railway Station is over 80 years old and completely preserves the simplicity of Japanese railway culture. Today, it has been transformed into a railway art village, giving this place of memories new life as a venue for artistic creativity in which people and space actively interact, forming a tourist spot with cultural refinement.

Park open all day; warehouse opening time: 10︰00~17︰00, Tuesday to Saturday.

No.369,Tiehua Rd.,Taitung City,Taitung County +886-89-320378

Taitung Railway Art Village Taitung Railway Art Village

Taitung Story Museum

This two-story building was formerly the land administration office;today, the first floor is a café and book store while part of the second floor is Taitung Story Museum. Every year the book store holds ten exhibitions centered on famous people from Taitung, using their life journey to convey the spirit of Taitung people.

Opening times:10︰30~22︰00 all year round.

No. 478, Bo-ai Rd.,Taitung City +886-89-330388

Taitung Story Museum Taitung Story Museum

Taitung Art Museum

Following the concepts of mountain and ocean, the design merges in the connotations of Taitung’s natural resources. With pure art and touchable exhibits, the two main exhibition halls, Mountain Song and Ocean Dance, provide the people of Taitung with a cultural temple for learning and exchange.

Opening times:9:00 to 17:00, Tuesday to Sunday;closed Mondays and national holidays.

No.350,Jhejiang Road,Taitung City +886-89-330252

Taitung Art Museum Taitung Art Museum

Baoting Art and Culture Center

Baoting is the old place name. The art and cultural center is housed in the renovated employees’ dormitory of the Japanese Colonial Period township office. Inside, it has static exhibitions and a lecture space; the perimeter wall has been taken down to join the space and the community and it is used for exhibitions and performances.

Opening times:08︰00 to 17︰00, free entry;some exhibition spaces are only open if booked in advance.

No.184,Jhongshan Rd.,Taitung City +886-89-340407

Baoting Art and Culture Center Baoting Art and Culture Center

Children’s Story Museum

This former Wine and Tobacco Monopoly Bureau retains the appearance of a Japanese style building;story-telling, TV program appreciation and fairs and other events are regularly held;it has a slide outside and a wave-like lawn, tree house that’s fun to climb and a catwalk under an old banyan tree, making it a fun place for kids.

Opening times:10︰00~12︰00、13︰30~17︰30,Closed Mondays and on National Holidays.

No. 103,Datong Rd.,Taitung City +886-89-323319

Children’s Story Museum Children’s Story Museum

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