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2017-12-18 AM 07:13


Electricity & Communication


Taiwan uses electric current of 110 or 220 volts at 60 cycles.

Appliances from abroad might need an adaptor or transformer.

The most commonly used plugs are Type A (two flat pins), which are similar to Japan, US, and Canada. Type B (North American Three Pin) are also used; usually for computer or appliance use.


1. Public phones in Taiwan are divided primarily into two types, coin and card.

When making local calls it is not necessary to dial the area code, while for long-distance calls area code must be added before the phone number.

2. Int’l Direct Dialing

3. Relevant Links

Chunghwa Telecom

4. For Home Country Direct reverse charge calls (a.k.a. collect calls), call free service line 0800-080100 for the latest dialing codes.