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Contact Information

Useful Contacts

Visitor Information Center

Taitung County Government

Name Address TEL
Taitung Railway Station (New Station) No.598, Ln. 101, Yanwan Rd., Taitung City +886-89-238231
Taitung Visitor Information Center No.369, Tiehua Rd., Taitung City +886-89-357131
Tourist Information Center,Taitung Airport No.1100, Minhang Rd., Taitung City +886-89-362476

East Coast National Scenic Area Administration(ECNSAA)

Name Address TEL
Headquarters No. 25 Shing Chuan Rd., Shin Yi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County +886-89-841520
Baxian Cave Visitor Center No.1-4, Shuimuding, Changbin Township, Taitung County +886-89-881418
Sanxiantai Visitor Center No. 74, Jihui Rd., Sanxian Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County +886-89-854097+886-89-850785
Xiaoyeliu Visitor Center  No.500, Sec. 1, Songjiang Rd., Taitung City +886-89-281136+886-89-281530
Green Island Tourist Center No. 298 Nanliao, Green Island Township, Taitung County +886-89-672027+886-89-672026

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration

Name Address TEL
Ruisui Tourist Information Center (Headquarter) No.168, Section 2, Xinghe Road, Neighbor 17, Hegang Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien County +886-38-875306
Luye Tourist information Center No.46, Gaotai Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County +886-89-551637

Taitung Forest District Office Forestry Bureau,Council of Agriculture,Executive Yuan

Name Address TEL
Zhiben National Forest Recreation Area-Tourist Center 290 Longcyuan Rd., Wencyuan Village, Beinan Township, Taitung County +886-89-510961
Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area-Tourist Center No.7, Xiangyang,Neighborhood 3,Lidau Vil.,Haiduan Township, Taitung County +886-912-103376

Medical Assistance & Police Office

Medical Assistance

Name Address TEL
Taitung Hospital, Department of Health No.1.Wu-Chiuan St. Taitung city +886-89-324112
Taitung Veterans Hospital No.1000, Gengsheng Rd., Taitung City +886-89-222995Registration line: +886-89-222887
Mackay Memorial Hospital – Taitung Branch No.1, Ln. 303, Changsha St., Taitung City +886-89-310150Registration line: +886-89-310195
(24-Hour Voice registered)
Taitung Christian Hospital No.350, Kaifeng St., Taitung City +886-89-960888
Catholic Hospital No.2, Hangzhou St., Taitung City +886-89-322833
Buddhist Tsu Chi General Hospital – Kwanshan Branch No.125-5, Heping Rd., Guanshan Township, Taitung County +886-89-814880

Police Office

Name Address TEL
Taitung Police Department No. 268, Jungshan Rd., Taitung City +886-89-322034
Taitung Branch Office No. 373, Boai Rd., Taitung City +886-89-322306
Chenggong Branch Office No. 87, Gongming Rd., Chenggong Town, Taitung +886-89-851001
Kwanshan Branch Office   No. 27, Jungjeng Rd., Kwanshan Town, Taitung +886-89-811001
Tawu Branch Office No. 52, Tawu St., Tawu village, Taitung +886-89-791001
Chunghsing Police Office No. 373, Boai Rd., Taitung City +886-89-322127
Baosang Police Office  No. 276, Sec. 1, Chunghwa Rd., Taitung City +886-89-322126
Nanwang Police Office No. 624, Gengsheng N. Rd., Taitung City +886-89-223817
Malan Police Office   No. 678, Gengsheng Rd., Taitung City +886-89-226492
Fengli Police Office    No. 126, Sec. 3, Chunghwa Rd., Taitung City +886-89-327815
Fukang Police Office No. 431, Sec. 1, Sungchiang Rd., Taitung City +886-89-281040
Chihpen Police Office  No. 11, Taho Rd., Taitung City +886-89-512614
Tunghsing Police Office No. 796, Sec. 6, Chunghsing Rd., Taitung City +886-89-381714
Yunglo Police Office No. 615, Sec. 1, Taiyuan Rd., Taitung City +886-89-227818
Wenhsiung Police Office  No. 343, Sec. 4, Chinghai Rd., Taitung City +886-89-512379