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East Coastline

Provincial Highway 11,
the most beautiful coastline in Taiwan

Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean and
features different characteristic coastlines.
The coastline of Provincial Highway 11,
in particular, transcends others with its primitive,
natural and beautiful scenery.
Some people say that the Provincial Highway 11
in eastern Taiwan has the most beautiful coastline
all over the nation.
Whether travelers go to Taitung
from the South-Link Highway or
go to the East Coast from the north,
they all feel amazed by the high and
lofty mountains in the East Coast
when seeing the ocean in front.
Indigo sea surface,
towering cliffs and majestic ocean constitute
a breathtaking scene.

The most beautiful coastline in Taiwan

Travelers with different purposes can always find attractions to stay in the East Coast. Based on their individual needs, they can arrange various types of tours, such as cuisine, ecology, geology, marine culture and history.

The long coastline and the Kuroshio result in plentiful aquatic products here. That is why seafood plays an important role in the tours to Hualien and Taitung. Fugang and Chenggong are two major fishery harbors in Taitung and are where people can enjoy fresh seafood.

Special landscape of the East Coast

East Coast is a piece of land formed after the collision of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, thus having ocean-erosion ditch, concave wall, sea stack, tofu rock, headland, columnar volcanic rock, honeycomb rock and coastal coral reefs. It is a natural geological classroom. For those who are interested in nature, intertidal zone and geology, they can visit many sites, such as Siaoyeliou, Shihyusan (Stone Umbrella) Sansiantai (Terrace of the three Immortals) and Wushibi Fishery Harbor.


Jialulan Recreation Area

The driftwood installation art in Jialulan decorates the recreation area changed from a waste soil base. Here has an open field of vision, where you can see the ocean and overlook the Amis people's holy mountain--Dulan Mountain. Jialulan marketplace provides creative handicraftsmen and local artists with an exchange and sharing platform.

Jialulan Recreation Area

Water Running Up

The "Water Running Up" in Donghe Township is another well-known scenic spot. In holidays, countless crowds are attracted to see the wonder of water running up in the small ditch. The neighboring Donghe old iron bridge is also a meaningful place. You can see tranquil river flowing to the sea and boundless sea and sky here.

Water Running Up

Sintung Sugar Factory Culture Park

The leisure pace and artistic cultural atmosphere in Dulan has attracted many new immigrants, foreigners and Japanese people to settle down here and enjoy their retirement or seclusion life. All of these people and places make Dulan even more attractive, such as hiking trails, Moonlight Inn, Dulan Sindong Sugar Refinery, neighboring B&Bs, small shops and an Amis singer from Dulan called Suming.


In the Jinzun Recreation Area, you can overlook the whole Jinzun Bay. The remote land-tied island and white spray constitute such a gorgeous scene that you must sit down to appreciate it. Having a cup of coffee and enjoying the breeze from the Pacific Ocean, you will never be disappointed at this premium enjoyment.


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